Financing Healthcare Litigation
Battling Insurers to Recover
Out of Network Revenue

Improving the business of healthcare by recovering revenue from out-of-network provider claims and financing litigation against insurers

Insurance carriers severely underpay non-contracting healthcare providers. This damages the economics of emergent care and reduces long-term access to care.

Allia Group is a unique team of leading finance, legal, medical, and healthcare insurance experts that improve healthcare providers’ financial challenges. We have a 14-year track record based exclusively on the aggressive pursuit of insurance providers, including the largest national carriers, without any patient collection efforts.

Restoring the Balance of Power with Insurance Carriers

Our bundled case model and litigation finance platform transform the leverage from insurance carriers to providers. Data analytics and technology reinforce this power shift.

Physician Groups

Physician Management Firms


EMS Companies


Allia Group maximizes recovery from commercial carriers through proprietary analysis, claims bundling, and unprecedented legal strategies.


Technology and data analysis

Multidisciplinary experts


Provider and claim bundling

Proprietary legal strategies

Revenue Recovery Structures

Allia Group offers various revenue recovery structures which can be tailored to the provider’s needs and the nature of their claims.

Winning Battles