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As Allia Group continues to fight to recover revenue related to insurance companies’ underpayments to hospitals, physician groups, and more, we will continue to regularly update this collection of our appearances in the news. Read on to learn more about our groundbreaking work and our efforts to improve revenue for providers that suffer from an unfair IDR process. The newest features are on top.

Allia Group’s work continues to make news! We were featured in the Friday, September 16th issue of the Indianapolis Business Journal.

In the article, John Russell identifies the “huge waves” the “landmark consumer law” is already creating, including threats from large healthcare providers to cut payments to physician groups—a threat to the quality of care and wait time to see emergency doctors—and other issues with the NSA. 

In wake of these challenges, Allia Group acquires claims from physician groups and hospitals and then initiates litigation against the aggressively underpaying insurers. Russel mentions Allia Group’s recent litigation against UHC related to its acquisition of $15.1 million in receivables resulting from United Healthcare underpaying St. Vincent Emergency Physicians.  


2. Allia Group’s case against one of the largest national health insurers, United HealthCare, was featured in the August 1 issue of the Indianapolis Business Journal

Formerly known as ECURE, Allia Group recognized that St Vincent Emergency Physicians had been significantly underpaid for emergency healthcare services, resulting in over $15 million in lost revenue. SVE Physicians rendered lifesaving healthcare services to members of United Healthcare’s healthcare service plan, on an emergency basis, at numerous locations throughout Indiana. Allia Group purchased the accounts receivable and brought suit against United Healthcare for $15 million for unjust enrichment and failing to pay accounts.

Allia Group is pleased to see our efforts to recover St Vincent Emergency Physicians’ lost revenue recognized given its importance to the Indiana healthcare community and Indiana patients. We hope to share a legal victory in the future as we honor our commitment to pursue and recover revenue for emergent care provided by physicians and hospitals.


3. Using AdvancedMD’s reporting functionality, Allia Group has been able to significantly reduce the time it takes to commence litigation, settle out-of-network cases, and pay providers additional revenue.

The depth of reporting and simplicity of AdvancedMD’s reporting platform allows Allia Group to identify relevant accounts receivable to pursue and reduce the time for revenue recovery. Allia Group’s claims analysts can generate critical reports in a fraction of the time it would take using more antiquated billing software.

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