Indiana Federal District Court Rules In Favor of Allia Group In Win for Emergency Physicians

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In a major victory for emergency physicians and a win for our novel litigation model, Indiana Federal District Court has ruled in favor of Allia Group in the case of eCure Indiana Corp. v. United Healthcare Insurance Company. The case relates to United Healthcare underpaying St. Vincent Emergency Physicians by $15 million over a six-year period. St. Vincent’s physicians provided lifesaving medical services to members of United’s health care service plan. 

The court ruled against UnitedHealthcare’s motion to dismiss our case and, most importantly, confirmed Indiana law’s support of emergency physicians’ claims for unjust enrichment and quantum meruit in regard to out-of-network underpayments.  

This decision is undoubtedly the first of many which will finally hold large insurance carriers such as UnitedHealthcare responsible for their underpayment of out-of-network emergency physicians. This helps prevent a decline in the quality of and access to emergency care. 

We celebrate this monumental decision, which highlights the use of litigation as an important means for emergency revenue recovery.

Pioneering a novel model to improve the revenue cycle for emergency physicians, Allia Group purchases the receivables related to insurers unlawfully and significantly underpaying emergency care providers. This is one of many examples of ongoing behavior by insurance companies in which they underpay or fail to pay the fees associated with emergency care in an out-of-network context. 

Allia Group, through its eCure family of companies, pursues litigation against insurers as a means to increase revenue for emergency physicians. This has become particularly critical since insurers have taken advantage of the No Surprises Act to terminate contracts and reduce reimbursements. 

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