Harnessing the Power of Payer Litigation to Empower Revenue Recovery

Harnessing the Power of Payer Litigation to Empower Revenue Recovery

Payer litigation is becoming a potent force as healthcare providers increasingly stand up against health insurance payers to demand fair compensation for their vital services. In this blog, we delve into impactful lawsuits, highlighting the need for accountability and how Allia Group empowers healthcare providers in their fight for revenue recovery.

1. Arkansas ASCs Demand Fair Reimbursement

Little Rock ASCs, Freeway Surgery Center, and Centerview Surgery Center, are seeking millions in unpaid reimbursements from Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Despite serving as temporary hospitals during the pandemic, these ASCs claim they weren’t properly reimbursed at hospital rates. Lawsuits against insurers should persist until fair reimbursement is ensured for all providers.

Read about the Arkansas ASCs lawsuit on Becker’s Payer

2. Healthcare Justice Coalition vs. UnitedHealth Group

The Healthcare Justice Coalition (HJC) takes legal action against UnitedHealth Group, seeking over $2.5 million in damages for the underpayment of emergency physicians. The lawsuit highlights the threat to healthcare stability and advocates for fair compensation. Systemic underpayments jeopardize emergency physician groups and impact patient care. Allia Group supports the pursuit of justice for under-reimbursed healthcare providers.

Learn more about the HJC lawsuit

3. Arizona Healthcare Groups Challenge BCBS

In Arizona, a legal battle unfolds as healthcare groups representing over 300 doctors take on BCBS, the state’s largest medical insurer. Allegations include pressuring providers into accepting lower reimbursements and paying terminated contracts as if they were still in-network. The lawsuit seeks justice against unfair practices, emphasizing the importance of legal action to halt problematic behavior from insurers.

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4. Cigna’s $172.3 Million Settlement

Litigation works! Cigna faces accountability for fraudulent behavior, agreeing to disperse $172.3 million to settle False Claims Act violation accusations. The payer allegedly submitted incorrect Medicare Advantage patient data to secure higher payments. This case underscores litigation’s power against payers.

Explore Cigna’s settlement details

Empower Your Revenue Recovery with Allia Group

Healthcare providers, don’t let unfair reimbursement practices hinder your financial stability. Explore how Allia Group’s bundled case model and litigation finance platform can assist you in recovering withheld revenue and contact us for a consultation

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