Ambulance Companies

Enhance cash flow for out of network emergent transport

EMS fleets providing emergent transportation are consistently underpaid by insurance carriers when patients are out of network. Many EMS companies write off underpayments on out of network claims as a standard practice. As a result, they miss a significant opportunity to monetize underpaid claims and create an additional stream of revenue to invest in their business.

Allia Group recovers and finances underpaid claims for EMS fleets. Our firm is the only one that offers this revenue recovery and financing model. We have a proven record of successfully increasing revenue from these insurance underpayments without patient-focused collection efforts.

Allia Group takes the complicated legal and claims analysis process off your shoulders. This is revenue your company deserves to be compensated for providing an essential service to your community.

Reach out to learn more about our process and how Allia Group can help optimize your revenue cycle management.

Frequently asked questions

Our firm has a formula that improves your business as it relates to emergent EMS transport and out of network underpayments. Allia Group purchases your accounts receivable and serves as the plaintiff in actions against the insurance carriers. 

We offer multiple financing structures to fit your preferences for receiving capital, whether you need immediate cash flow or prefer to receive payments over time.

Allia Group currently only purchases claims for underpayments for emergent out of network claims.