Revenue Recovery & Capital Solutions

Allia Group specializes in recovering and financing underpaid out-of-network claims, with a primary focus on emergent care.

Improving the Business of Healthcare by Recovering Revenue and Offering Financing for Non-Contracting Provider Claims

Insurance carriers severely underpay non-contracting healthcare providers. This damages the economics of emergent care and reduces long-term access to care.

Allia Group is a unique team of leading medical, legal, healthcare insurance, and practice management experts that solve financial challenges for these healthcare providers. 

We have an 11-year track record based exclusively on the aggressive pursuit of insurance providers—including the largest national carriers—and proprietary strategies without any patient collection efforts

Restoring the Balance of Power with Insurance Carriers

Our bundling and litigation model, paired with our use of data analytics and technology, transforms the leverage from carriers to providers and Allia Group.



EMS Companies

Recovery Optimization

Allia Group maximizes recovery from commercial carriers through proprietary analysis, provider bundling, and unprecedented legal strategies.

Revenue Recovery & Capital Structures

Allia Group’s solutions can be tailored to the provider’s needs and the nature of their claims. We offer three financing structures: 

Provider receives capital at the beginning of the claims purchase, following and dependent on the underwriting process. 

Provider receives payments on an incremental basis after the completion of each carrier litigation and settlement.

Provider receives an advance of the incremental payments at the beginning of the claims purchase and continues being paid upon completion of each carrier litigation and settlement.