Recover revenue for underpaid out of network insurance claims and generate cash flow

Many hospitals write off underpayments on out of network claims as a standard practice. As a result, they miss a significant opportunity to monetize underpaid claims. 

Allia Group recovers and finances underpaid out of network claims to help close the gap between reasonable billed rates and the amounts insurers pay. We collaborate with hospitals to define a solution matched to hospitals’ financial needs.

By serving as the plaintiff in each case, Allia Group can navigate the claims recovery process while preserving the relationship between hospitals and insurance carriers. 

Contact our team of cross-disciplinary experts to start improving revenue for care it has provided.

Frequently asked questions

 Allia Group can purchase claims related to both facility fees and professional fees.

Our firm focuses on out of network claims, which is a category of accounts receivable not currently being financed and sold by hospitals. This is an additional stream of revenue that can be leveraged to increase cash flow. 

As it relates to AR for emergency patients, the various surprise billing and balance billing laws create limitations on patient collection efforts.

We value the important work revenue cycle managers, in-house billers, and third-party billers are doing to collect payments. Allia Group collaborates closely with billers to create and analyze relevant reports and ensure your billers are being compensated for the outcome of our work together.

Allia Group serves as the plaintiff on cases we pursue against insurers. This approach allows us to do the heavy lifting during litigation, while the hospital’s relationship with the carriers remains unimpacted.