Physician Management Firms

Improve revenue and margins on out of network insurance claims for services provided to hospitals

Physician management and staffing companies play a vital role in improving emergent and trauma care. Unfortunately, massive underpayments relating to out of network care generate significant revenue loss and AR, which is beyond the role of billers to address. This can be particularly challenging for surgicalist and emergency department management firms that focus on trauma and general surgery within an emergent setting. 

Allia Group specializes in recovering and financing underpaid out of network claims. We add value by helping firms grow their revenue and profitability and avoid being stuck with highly discounted fees.

By purchasing claims from physician management firms, we shield these firms from the complexities associated with battling the insurance carriers, evidencing reasonable market rates, detailed analysis of claims, and litigation. As a result, Allia Group enables physician management companies to retain long-standing relationships with hospital partners and exceed their performance goals.

Contact Allia Group today if you are ready to significantly increase revenue from underpaid out of network bills—from years of historical AR and from newly generated AR.

Frequently asked questions

Allia Group offers three primary financing structures—immediate liquidity, incremental payments, and a hybrid structure. The right structure is determined by your needs and the nature of your claims.

For incremental claims, the purchase price is based on a formula derived from the amounts recovered at the completion of the settlement and litigation, and then paid incrementally.

Allia Group complements the efforts of revenue cycle managers and in-house and third-party billing firms. We take on more complex out of network AR, allowing your billers to focus on the areas in which they have historically been most successful. 

Allia Group makes it easy for your billers to generate the specific accounts receivable reports. We analyze these reports to guide which claims we will purchase and work to recover.