Physicians Groups

How many underpaid out of network claims are sitting on your books?

Allia Group significantly improves revenue for physicians groups by creating value from out of network accounts receivable.

For the past 11 years, Allia Group has maintained a high success rate helping practices generate additional revenue from out of network underpayments. We have a history of success working with insurance carriers large and small, as well as an in-depth understanding of physicians’ billing and coding practices and litigation. This enables us to improve revenue with minimal involvement from the groups themselves.

Allia Group purchases the underpaid claims and serves as the plaintiff with any actions with the insurers. This allows physician groups to preserve their relationships with carriers.

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Frequently asked questions

Allia Group provides the physicians group with the structure for an accounts receivable report for four years, and then reviews the report along with relevant EOBs. Allia Group inputs data from these EOBs and applies proprietary algorithms to identify, rank and sort eligible claims. Our legal strategy team reviews this data to identify similarities between claims to bundle by carrier and maximize the outcome.

Allia Group then purchases the accounts receivable from the physicians group and serves as the plaintiff for the case.

Allia Group offers multiple financial solutions to fit the provider’s financing needs. Some providers prefer prompt and immediate liquidity, while others prefer incremental payments as claims are received and settled over time (or a hybrid of the two).

Immediate liquidity is the most expedient financial solution we offer, while the timeline of incremental and hybrid payments is dependent on when claims are settled.

Allia Group minimizes physician involvement by handling all steps involved in the process. This includes identifying out-of-network claims, managing lawyers…