Why Allia Group

Recover significantly underpaid out of network insurance claims

Allia Group’s mission is to level the playing field for healthcare providers with insurers so they can get paid and increase their revenue when offering out of network care.

Insurance reimbursements for out of network claims are a critical component of revenue. Since the Affordable Care Act was passed, the prevalence of out of network claims has been growing. More insurance carriers have narrowed their networks and forced many providers out of network.

As a result, a greater percentage of healthcare providers are out of network and being severely underpaid from slow-to-pay carriers.

Physicians groups, hospitals and EMS companies are not being fairly compensated for their expertise, judgement, risk and training. This presents both a major cash flow issue and revenue challenge for practices and organizations.

Allia Group recovers value from your out of network accounts receivables

Continuous underpayments result in significant accounts receivables, which are often inactive given the complexities of getting insurers to pay reasonable billed rates.

Allia Group optimizes out of network revenue to ensure healthcare providers are fairly compensated for their expertise. Using proprietary technology, the company analyzes EOBs and AR reports to identify where there is value and seeks to extract the maximum value from these claims.

Based on this specialized analysis, Allia Group is positioned to purchase these claims and recover funds to improve your cash flow and overall profitability.

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Bundling to maximize leverage and revenue

Allia Group bundles claims from various providers into cases against carriers. This maximizes leverage and revenue recovery.

Unique insights on national and regional insurance carriers

We have worked with a variety of insurance carriers, from small and regional to the large national health insurance carriers. Allia Group has unique knowledge of the players and the playing field and applies strategies to recover revenue.

Proprietary technology for analyzing and underwriting claims

Allia Group has developed proprietary algorithms to rank and sort massive volumes of claims and determine where to maximize recoveries and revenue based on various use cases and legal theories. This accelerates Allia Group’s analysis and underwriting.

Multidisciplinary experience

Allia Group’s team of multi-disciplinary specialists includes experts from medical, legal, financial, healthcare insurance, and practice management backgrounds. Our years of combined specialized experience result in a consistently high volume of recoveries from out of network carriers. Allia Group has created new legal precedent that is incorporated into our proprietary legal and business model.

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How did Allia Group get its name?

Rome was once a dominant empire. As it grew in size and unchecked power, Rome’s foundation began to crumble.

In 390 BCE, a major battle broke out at the Allia River between the city state of Rome and the Gauls from northern Italy. Ahead of the battle, the Romans were unconcerned—they believed they had the superior infantry, equipped with the finest armor. But the Gauls arrived swiftly and methodically with a fearsome passion to defeat Rome.

Less than a third of the Roman army survived its defeat, while the Gauls lost few men. Three days after the battle was won, the Gauls entered the undefended gates of Rome and took everything from the city.

The Roman defeat at the Allia River had a profound impact on the Roman military—what Rome won in over a hundred years was lost in a single battle.

A similar battle is being fought today. For years, insurance carriers have built an empire on severely underpaying non-contracting healthcare providers—and healthcare providers carry the burden.

Allia Group was created to restore equilibrium. What insurance carriers have amassed in power, Allia Group counteracts, balancing the scales by creating power in numbers and defeating these insurance goliaths.